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Explore a world of flavour with our extensive range of premium quality, chef inspired sandwich fillings, sauces, condiments and derivatives. 

The selection ranges from our sumptuous Coronation Chicken to our Spicy Meatballs in Salsa. Our delicious sauces are versatile for any catering need from our Fiery Screaming BBQ sauce to our subtle Flavoured Mayonnaises. All samples are available on request. 

Our recipes deliver incomparable taste, superior quality and fantastic freshness. With our unwavering passion for flavour we continuously endeavour to select the finest quality ingredients from across the globe. We strive to source new and different flavours, keeping our offerings innovative, whilst never compromising on taste.


We pride ourselves on delivering quality, consistency and service. We are pleased to offer the following ranges: 

 Sauces & Condiments 

 Savoury Fillings 

 Flavoured Mayonnaise 

Kenny's Range

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