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Kenny's Light Mayonnaise 10L
Kenny's Real Mayonnaise 10L
Zafron Real Mayonnaise 10L
Zafron Light Mayonnaise 10L
Cajun Sauce
Garlic Sauce


Zafron Foods, a second generation family business, specialising in the manufacture of high quality Mayonnaise, Sauces, condiments, dressings, chutneys and deli fillers.

BRC accredited, our products are enjoyed by millions of people every day. Our customer base include small artisan distributors, to some of the largest food companies on earth. 

Our extensive pack size options include 1000ltr pallecons, buckets, bottles, dip pots, sachets and glass jars for retail. 


Trust our world renowned gastronomic and scientific expertise to develop the perfect product to suite your requirement.  All of our products are carefully developed to meet the rigorous demands of our expanding industry.

Trust Zafron Foods, your manufacturing partner.

In June 2022 Solina acquired Zafron Foods from The Kenny Family.

Solina is a leading global partner for the food industry that has the local knowledge and global scale to address the most significant and pressing challenges.

We design customised ingredient solutions for our clients operating in the food industry, food service, butchery and nutrition markets. We want to contribute to the production of food that is delicious, nourishing, affordable, sustainable and convenient.

Solina sources ingredients from all around the world and, by applying our knowledge and science, tailors solutions to the specific needs of a project. With 30 R&D centres, Solina has close ties to local markets. The resulting knowledge of local taste preferences, coupled to market research insights and technical expertise, enables Solina to adapt products to different populations of consumers.


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